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A Documentary by
Christopher A. Massarotti

This film is the second independent documentary on the accident and sinking of the Peruvian Submarine BAP Pacocha in 1988. During this accident, Lieutanant Roger Cotrina saw a vision of a Croatian nun named Marija Petkovic' of the Crucified Jesus. Marija was a missionary, very much like Mother Cabrini or somewhat like Mother Theresa of Calcutta. She founded orphanages and charitable centers in Croatia and South America.

She died in 1966 and was up for cannonization in the Catholic Church. After seeing this vision, he was able to close a hatch against super-human forces with the strength of his arms.

After a 12-year investigation, the Vatican accepted this miracle for the beatification of Marija of the Crucified Jesus and an electrical engineer would gamble his livelihood on the production of a documentary about this incredible event.

It was the first documentary to be undertaken but due to a lengthy production process, lagged the 1st released documentary by 6 months.

However, it is well worth the wait for several reasons:

1) It showcases the Miracle that happened as the Pacocha descended to the ocean floor.

2) It shows the marriage of religious faith with courage under extreme circumstances.

3) It has interviews with Admirals Tirado and Jahnsen, who were both involved in the rescue.

4) It has an interview with Admiral Darcourt, who eventually re-floated the submarine 11 months later. Included in this interview, is actual footage of the RE-FLOATATION, which is truly spectacular!

5) It has never-before-seen perspectives from the survivors as they described some of the "divine coincidences" that happened to them as they tried to escape.

6) The dramatizations of the smoke and fire scenes were filmed on the floating submarine museum BAP ABTAO, which was one of the rescue ships during the accident.

7) It not only has footage of the official memorial, but also EXCLUSIVE footage of the little-known but incredible "first" memorial where the roll-call of the deceased was done. It was THIS memorial that was the catalyst for the occurrence of the second one. It is also a little-known fact that the memorial occurred aboard the BAP San Lorenzo, which not only retrieved the last torpedo the Pacocha would ever fire, but during the rescue, carried messages between ships on the surface and the 22 men trapped in the Pacocha 120 feet below.

8) It has interviews with two nuns who actually knew Marija Petkovic', including 95-year-old Sister Bogoljuba, who was a first-hand witness of a miracle that Marija performed through the power of faith in her God.

9) It briefly showcases the relationship between a heroic servant of God (Marija Petkovic' of the Crucified Jesus) and a group of men in a hopeless situation and how God-Almighty glories in His saints. This story shows how He sometimes uses them to reach into history and offer His help and mercy.

It also shows how the Sisters of the Congregation Of The Daugters Of Mercy still live heroic lives of virtue, helping the poor and infirm in many countries, even to this day.

As Lieutenant Roger Cotrina so aptly put it ...... "The Merit is hers" .....

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